sample lunch menu

(all prices and ingredients are subject to change with the seasons)



rosemary bread, pumpkin butter, house made lemon ricotta

*whipped burrata crostini, persimmon, hazelnuts, saba

marinated italian olives, citrus, rosemary    

house pickles, assorted veggies

marinated artichokes, olives, pine nuts, calabrian chilies



black kale, oven dried cherry tomato, pine nuts, ricotta salata, caper cider dressing

baby greens, frog hollow pears, dates, fiore sardo, honey vinaigrette

wild arugula, roasted beets, red onion, goat milk ricotta, almonds, sherry vin


**add chicken

**flatiron steak

**add shrimp


daily house made pasta & more

spaghetti all’amatriciana, guanciale, pomodoro, chili flakes, pecorino

tagliatelle bolognese, pancetta, thyme, olive oil, grana padano

squid ink tagliatelle, chili flakes, guanciale, shrimp sugo, thyme

mussels, guanciale, saffron, garlic, white wine, pickled chili, grilled bread

charred spanish octopus, chermoula, lemon, herbs

brisket meatballs, roman gnocchi, pine nuts, currants, veal sugo

grilled chicken sandwich, heirloom tomato, smoked mozz, crispy prosciutto, pesto, aioli*

grilled cheese, fontina, mozzarella, pomodoro sauce




 pie of the moment



o.g. oven cured tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, garlic, basil

spicy sausage, mozzarella, garlic chips, provolone, calabrian chilies

carnage, pepperoni, pancetta, fennel sausage, provolone, smoked mozzarella

bacon fontina, apple wood bacon, treviso, fontina, oven cured tomato

veggie, artichoke, caramelized onion, oven dried tomato, mozzarella



truffle, mushroom, fontina, taleggio, fried sage*

carbonara, pork belly, bacon, pancetta, soft egg, mozzarella, provolone*

burrata pie, provolone, fried rosemary, shaved pistachio, orange oil*


sandwiches (served with fries)



*please graciously notify us of any allergies

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry,

Seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk

may increase your risk of foodborne illness